Credentialed high quality valuation reports for divorce,

     litigation, estate planning, ESOPs, buy-sell agreements,

     partner disputes, economic damages, pro forma capital

     attraction, and other purposes.



     Available for non-profit or for-profit ventures. Includes

     premium market, industry and GIS site resources.



     Available for non-profit or for-profit ventures, visitor

     attractions, multi-use facilities, community centers,

     arenas, K-12 school systems, manufacturing, lodging,

     tourism, other.



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Odee Ingersoll, CVA, CEPA, EDFP, MBPA


President and Lead Analyst

Certified Valuation Analyst, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Certified Economic Development Finance Professional, Master Business Planning Advisor


Experienced in project development, litigation, loan packaging, feasibility and economic impact studies, advanced financial analysis, value and exit training, national speaker and trainer.

Here's an example of some of the hundreds of valuation projects we've completed:

• Employment/Temporary Staffing Agency

• Medical Clinic

• Mental Health Practice

• Independent Full-Service Restaurants

• Trucking Operation

• Veterinary Clinic

• Large Regional HVAC Contractor

• Furniture Store

• HVAC and Plumbing Business

• Sand and Gravel Company

• Lawn Care Company

• Private Equity Company

• Wood Product Manufacturer

• Fabricated Metals Manufacturer

• Lumber Company

• 20-State Laboratory and Drug Company

• Environmental and Remediation Firm

• Montessori Preschool

• Physical Therapist

• Moving Company

• Psychiatric and Counseling Center

• 15-State Pizza Franchise

• Las Vegas Casino and Bar

• Automotive Service Repair

• Cafeteria and Catering Company

• Illinois Gym & Fitness Club

• Ag Parts-Electronics Manufacturing Firm

• National Rigging Contractor

• Multi-Location Smashburger Franchise

• National Ag Products Transportation Firm

• Day Spa & Salon

• Medical Supply & Rental Business

• Pharmacy

• West Coast Solar & Wind Energy Company

• National Hardware POS System Firm

• Pre-Money Software-Services App

• Rural Pharmacy

• Electric Motor Sales and Service

• New and Used Auto Dealer

• Welding and Repair

• Lumber Company and Cement Mill

• Grocery Store

• Department Store

• Parking Lot Repair Service

• Wireless Internet Provider

• Disaster Restoration Company

• Security Guard Services Company

• Agricultural Plastics Distributor

• Auto Body Repair Company

• Hotel and Motel

• Multi-location Franchise Restaurant Company

• Livestock Equipment Manufacturer

• Electrical Engineering Firm

• Aerial Spray Business

• Bookkeeping Firm

• Construction Rental Company

• Health Supplement Store

• Software Development Company

• Large Concrete Contractor

• Multi-site Urgent Care Clinic

• Gourmet Coffee Company

• West Coast Arby's Franchises

• Regional Flooring Retail Company

• Large Commercial Seeding Firm

• Pre-Venture Medical Products Manufacturer

• Metal Powdercoating Business


• East-Coast Lighting Manufacturer

• Implement and Irrigation Dealership

• Intellectual Property Valuation

• Multi-State Convenience Store

• Electrical Products Manufacturer

• Metal Castings Foundry

• Metro Irish Pub

• Water Conditioning Business

• Used Car Dealership

• Computer Networking and IT Company

• Specialty Coffee Franchise

• Pest Control Firm

• Ag Feed and Fertilizer Company

• Office Products Store

• Liquor Store

• Mexican Restaurant

• Ag Product Start-Up

• Home Decor Products and Services Club

• French Restaurant

• Multi-Location Lumber Center

• Sporting Goods Clothing Manufacturer

• Metro Electrical Engineering Company

• Western-style Saloon & Sports Bar

• Cafeteria and Catering Company

• Farm Operations Firm

• Multi-State Complete Nutrition Franchise

• Drive-Through Car Wash

• Multi-State Golf Retailer

• Multiple Culver's Restaurants

• National Call Center Firm

• Commercial Real Estate Company

• National Marketing and CR Firm

• Asbestos Abatement Company


we've developed Projects and valuations from $50,000 to $260 Million in Business Value



$260M Ethanol Plant; $60M Visitor’s Attraction; $10M North Dakota Oil and Gas Drilling Site Technology; $10M Car Collection Attraction; $1M Logistics Firm; $7M City Event Center; $10M County Arena Project; $7M Comedy Center and Visitors Attraction; $26M Iowa Community Reinvestment and Downtown Development; $1M Flex-fuel Facility; Environmental Biomass Conversion Feasibility and Cost Web-based Application.


More - Utility Reorganization and Expansion Study and Financial Analysis; Value-Added Ag Product Business Plan and Investment Proposal; Nationwide Health Care Product Value and Investment Proposal; City Occupation Tax Initiative; Value-Added Ag Project; Relocation and Expansion of Historic Attraction; Branding and Marketing Program for a New Commercial Park; Quality Assurance Team Evaluation for NPPD Cooper Nuclear Station; more.



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